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Yeah! Finally, the club has it's site.  I just completed this site and it

proves to be great.  Now, for newbies, this club was created around

October 1998 from and idea of mine to create the first EarthBound

club on Yahoo!  What you see now is the result to it, with links from

this site to the original Yahoo!  club.  Now with more features added

to fulfill it's occupation as a site.  Also, this is the home to the first

and so far only weekly EarthBound comic strip.  We still need help

for it so send in your name along with a sample of your artistic

skills to .  This site proves to be great,

maybe not as but we will try.

All For Now,


- EarthBoundRPG Eric -



Copyright 1999 EagleLand EarthBound Club